Mobile Application

Chalktalk is a mobile app for Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational institutes to communicate instantly to students and parents from anywhere, anytime.

While catering to the ever-changing, growing needs of educators, ChalkTalk school app provides an effortless communication solution. It addresses concerned parents who seek to be well-informed about their kids. Simultaneously, it also assists students in staying abreast of all activities at institute, without missing out on any crucial information.

Top features of ChalkTalk Mobile App

Unique user login

It talks to everyone at personal level. ChalkTalk provides unique user-id to every user with only relevant information available to each. Students get to see updates related to their lectures, exam results, attendance etc whereas parents with multiple students mapped to them get individual updates for each of the student; even if students are from different schools. For teachers, it shows updates related to classes and subjects they are managing.


ChalkTalk app has a diligent attendance system. It sends message alerts to parents that includes students in/out time and summarized attendance report with no. of absent days. What’s more, leave application is just a few clicks away through this app. Students just can’t miss out on their annual attendance targets.

Class and exam schedules

Time tables are not boring anymore. ChalkTalk has intelligently formatted class time tables and exam schedules with option to check one day lectures or the entire week’s schedule. Every tap on the app gives more information about upcoming sessions. Preparing for the next day topic with right notes and books is much easier now. It also covers upcoming exam timetable and allows calendar-alert setting to avoid any miss outs.

Online Fee payment

Long queues and late fee charges can be easily replaced with hassle-free online fee payment option available to students and parents. With detailed fee structure, last payment summary and multiple payment modes, ChalkTalk offers a high level of convenience as well as transparency to users transacting through the app. It also sends due date reminders to ensure on time fee payment.


Communication with a single or multiple recipients is as easy as a click, with ChalkTalk app in place. It is not only cost effective as compared to any other alternative, but also has added benefits like option of sending an image or a document, attached with the message. It’s instant and can be sent to a selected set of recipients, a group or even a broadcast message to all. That’s not all; it allows two-way communication to parents and students to directly connect with institutes through the app.


Announcing results is no more limited to notice boards or desktop. Be it a unit-test result or final exam, results can be available to everyone at their fingertip anywhere, anytime. ChalkTalk app also provides performance trend analysis for any given duration and subject.


ChalkTalk app has every important event smartly categorised and highlighted. Calendar alerts for events ensure nothing goes unnoticed. With smart reminder setting option, users can set their own alerts for assignment submission dates or for any extracurricular activity.


It keeps note of anything that’s not noticed. Notification centre in the ChalkTalk app stores all important messages that goes unnoticed by the user and it stays until read. This feature is to ensure complete communication between institutes and parents/students.

Easy transport tracking / navigation

Bus tracking feature of ChalkTalk app shows real time tracking of school busses with GPS location of each bus mapped to each student. This feature not only ensures safety of students in the bus but also helps in planning the pick-up and drop time for parents.